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Trustable, correct partner, to be relied upon. Mainly recommended to whom need a long term and stable supply source!
10/04/14 - György Bereczki, Hungary
  We are partners with GBC from the beginning. All questions and other matters always have been solved quickly. The deliveries take place as we agreed. The customers service is helpful and correct at all times. 
14/04/14 - Dóra Viszló, Hungary
I always surprised on your business technic. If I would have that much fund what I haven't, then I would open a University called “Operation of an enterprise” and you would get a separate professorship there! Don't get me wrong, but the way as you leading the business (correctly, quickly, customer'...
17/01/14 - János Klinovics, Hungary
  Normally I pray no one. I won't do that as well, only writing about the facts. Our business relationship was beginning at 2006, maybe at the one of the first in Hungary. As in all relationship, there were problems, however we could manage them. My trust is still unbroken, I think, but the...
26/01/14 - Dorka Car Kft, Hungary
  I feel that as a GBC's customer I need to share couple of things those good to be known to others who contacted with you. The first, what we experienced so quickly is the mutual TRUST. This is very important especially in an international business. We are very appreciated the fairness, the...
17/03/14 - Mózer Alkatrész Kft, Hungary
A new business relationship always hide some risk. However we happily say that we disappointed to the positive way! We always received what we bought, quickly and precisely. As everywhere, there was some little differences but they are not mentionable. The communication is perfect and we've always...
07/08/14 - Újfehértó Bontó Kft, Hungary
The car has arrived without problem and the works have began. I would like to seize the opportunity and thank you for your collaboration and help. An extra thank you for your attitude, helpfulness and attentiveness! If I would have a same problem (hopefully won't be) or someone looking for a same...
8/08/14 - Tóth Attila, Hungary
Perfect communication, received great helpfulness to purchase cars on the UK's eBay and I am fully satisfied with the deliveries!  Marian Tima - Slovakia
23/11/14 - Marian Tima, Slovakia

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1.1 The Contract.

These Terms & Conditions/Contract contain provisions and conditions to be applied while using GBC Professional Ltd’s on-line website and marketplace - (hereinafter the 'Website'). Your access to and use of the Website is subject to your acceptance of, and compliance with, the provisions of the Terms & Conditions and any other legal notices and/or instructions which may appear on the Website and/or within any information or materials from time to time. By ticking 'I accept the T&C', You (hereinafter: the 'User') enter into a contract with GBC Professional Ltd (Registered Office: 46 Cavalier Court, Doncaster, DN4 8TW, UK. VAT No.: GB118198501, Registration No.: 07654478), (hereinafter 'GBC') and accept GBC Professional Ltd's rules on using the Website. Furthermore, each time you log in, place a bid or use the Website in any other way, you confirm the provisions of this agreement. GBC Professional Ltd reserves the right to amend this agreement unilaterally. Such amendments will be notified to the User on each occasion. The Supplier of GBC Professional Ltd hereinafter can be 'Supplier' or 'Seller' in this T&C! The Item means Vehicle/Parts/Half vehicle in this contract.




These Terms & Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the F.A.Q. set out the terms on which you may access and use the domains and any sub-domains of these domains (the "Website") and applies to the entire contents of the Website. These terms also apply to any correspondence by email between GBC and you. Please read these terms carefully before using the Website further.


1.2 Registration

The on-line website and marketplace operated by the GBC is available to anyone who is able to enter into a contract legally according to the applicable law of UK and the country of the User. Upon registration, the User shall provide his/her valid data. If GBC becomes aware of the fact that the information or elements thereof provided by the User are false, GBC has the right to restrict, partially or fully, access of the User providing such data, or to terminate such access.
The User shall be notified thereof via e-mail. By registration, you declare being over the age of 18 and having full contractual capacity.


1.3 Privacy Policy

GBC's usage of the User personal information is governed by our Privacy Policy, which forms part of these General Terms and Conditions. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully as it deals with the User rights and GBC's obligations in relation to the User personal data, including what GBC can do with it and to whom GBC may disclose it.


1.4 Availability of the Website

Access to the Website is permitted on a temporary basis and GBC reserves the right to withdraw or amend the services which GBC provides on the Website without notice. GBC will not be liable if for any reason the Website is unavailable at any time or for any period.


1.5 User Obligations

1.5.1 User may only use the Website in accordance with the following Terms and the User agrees:

- not to sell or trade in any of the information or other material copied or downloaded from the Website or attempt to generate private business from other users;

- to comply with any legal notices contained in the Website;

- to respect and comply with the legal rights of others, in particular GBC's rights and any rights of persons under the Data Protection Act 1998, the law of confidentiality, and the right of privacy under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998;

- not to misuse the Website (including, without limitation, by hacking); and

- not to upload, post, email or otherwise send (together “upload”) or knowingly receive any information which:

a, is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent, offensive, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, indecent, obscene, defamatory, invasive of another’s privacy, or discriminatory whether racially, ethnically, sexually, religiously or otherwise, or which may incite or instruct any person or organisation to undertake such activities;

b, is technically harmful (including, without limitation, viruses, logic bombs, technical time bombs, Trojan horses, worms, harmful components, corrupted data or any similar component likely to cause harm);

c, infringes GBC's legal rights or the legal rights, of any other user or any other person or organisation.


1.5.2 The User is responsible for making all arrangements necessary for itself to have access to the Website. User is also responsible for ensuring that all persons who access the Website through its internet connection are aware of these terms, and that they comply with them.


1.5.3 Duty of the User

If the User receives information from the system that is not belong to the User, sees any malfunction on the Website or got access to any parts of the Website that User has no permission, then the User must report it to GBC immediately! It is also required from the User to forward the received data to GBC. After this, the User has to delete any information or material from its computer or device and from the its e-mail server too! If the User does not comply with these and GBC has approved that, then GBC will turn to the relevant sector of the government and report it as the User abuse with these data. 


1.6 GBC's liability for the User's uses of the Website

1.6.1 To the extent permitted by law, GBC shall not be liable to the User in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for:

- loss or damage caused by a distributed denial-of-service attack, viruses or other technologically harmful material that may infect the User's computer equipment, computer programs, data or other proprietary material due to the User's uses of the Website; or

- any losses due to the Website being unavailable at any time or for any period where the cause of the failure is beyond GBC's reasonable control; or

- any economic losses (including, without limitation, loss of profits, revenue, anticipated savings) or any indirect or consequential losses or loss of data, or for any wasted expense including but not limited to losses caused by viruses; or

- any other loss or damage suffered by the User as a result of the User's uses of the Website or the material published on it or its lack of availability.


1.6.2 User acknowledges that, on the basis that the User is accessing the Website free of charge, the disclaimers and limits on GBC's liability contained in these Terms & Conditions are fair and reasonable.


1.7 User liabilities

1.7.1 If GBC reasonably believes – or it has already been proven – the User to have breached these Terms & Conditions, the User agrees that GBC may suspend or terminate its use of the Website without notification. The User agrees to indemnify GBC from and against any liability, loss, damage or expense caused to any person (including GBC), to the extent such losses, damages and expense is caused by the User's breach of these Terms & Conditions.

1.7.2 User acknowledges that this indemnity is appropriate and reasonable given that the User is accessing the Website free of charge.

1.7.3 User shall be solely liable for any use the User makes of the Website.


1.8 Reliance on information on the Website

Information and other materials posted on the Website are not intended to amount to advice on which reliance should be placed, because those were uploaded by a third party. GBC therefore disclaims all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on such materials by any visitor to the Website or by anyone who may be informed of any of its contents. This is still applied the information and materials that GBC uploaded to the system.


1.9 Linking to and from the Website

1.9.1 User may link to the Website, provided the User does so in a way that is fair and legal and does not damage GBC's reputation or take advantage of it, but the User must not establish a link in such a way as to suggest any form of association, approval or endorsement on GBC's part where none exists. User must not establish a link from any website that is not owned by itself. GBC reserves the right to withdraw linking permission without notice.


1.9.2 Where the Website contains links to other sites and resources provided by third parties, these links are provided for User's information only. GBC has no control over the contents of those sites or resources, and accepts no responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may arise from the User's use of them. If the User decides to access any such links, the User does so entirely at its own risk.


1.10 Notifications

1.10.1 The User will receive a notification confirming the sale after a bought/won item. Also the User will be notified about all major event, like payment information. All these information and notification messages can be found when the User logging in its user account – except the TEXT notifications. This is a good option if the User cannot access its email address as the system always store the e-mails.


1.10.2 As per default settings User gets e-mail and text notifications about the transactions. Text notifications can be turned off in the settings menu. However the email notifications cannot be turned off as they are important part of this salvage system. User may receives news letters from GBC only in matter of GBC's subject. If the User does not wish to receive news letters, unsubscribing is possible in written form like e-email. However, regarding the Privacy Policy GBC will not hand over any of the User's contact details to a third party company. News letters can come only from GBC.



2.1 Giving bid mandate

2.1.1 The bid mandate process The registered User may entrust GBC to make bids at different vehicle auction portals for a given item, on behalf of the User and in the GBC's own name in the following insurance categories regarding the UK insurance's system: “C, D, U, X, Z”. Is it possible to give bid mandate in a different insurance category that is not listed here, however for a category “B” vehicle the User can give bid mandate regarding the article Terms of the bid mandate for a category “B” vehicle.

The User must sign and accept an other contract that is part of this one. This second contract for the category “B” mandate will be provided by GBC Trans s.r.o. This contract must be done before the User give any bid mandate in the GBC system. If this contract is not made of before the actual bidding, then the bid will not be placed by GBC. More information about GBC Trans s.r.o can be found in the article The partner program of GBC Professional Ltd & GBC Trans s.r.o.

These companies are working together for the User's sake, to provide the best possible option to buy vehicle in UK especially in the matter of category “B” vehicles. The User gives bid mandate on the website of GBC, but the actual buying is going through of GBC Trans s.r.o, registered in Slovakia.

Therefore the User must sign and accept the contract of GBC Trans s.r.o as well. In this contract the User will confirm its acceptation of this online contract again. The bid mandate may be given electronically ONLY via the website to items offered there. GBC will not accept bid mandate in any other way, like SMS or phone. The way of the bid mandates be found under the F.A.Q. section on the website. GBC makes bids at the UK auction houses at the price specified in the bid mandate. In case of bid mandates, the User acknowledges that when making a bid, GBC will use exclusively the price indicated by the User, and GBC cannot guarantee the winning of any item since GBC has no influence on bids made by others. If the User does not know the “bid increments” of the UK auction houses, then the GBC always round the bid mandate if it is necessary to place the right live bid as it is required by the auction portal. For example: If the User bid mandate is £545 but the auction portal's bid increment in this price range is £20, then the GBC will place £560 instead of £545. “Flexibility” agreement.

For the better chances of winning, the User shall use the GBC's “Flexibility Agreement” what is offered separately from GBC. However the User acknowledges that this agreement is part of this online contract as well. With this, the User entrust GBC to increase its bid mandate with one or more bid increments top of the given price, if the live bidding is running and the GBC believes the vehicle can be won with this step. If the User is interested in this agreement, then GBC will send it to the registered email address of the User. GBC cannot guarantee the cancellation of a bid. If the User terminates the bid mandate on the website before the time set in FAQ, the bid mandate won't be executed. However, during the period indicated in FAQ or bid mandate placed after that, it is impossible to revoke it. According to GBC's T&C if a bid mandate placed in the system and GBC won the item on the auction, the User has to pay the price and the GBC’s fee on the working day following the invoice. More about the payment can be found in the article 2.1.5. Otherwise the User breach the contract. The data provided by GBC is came from another auction portal server. If an auction portal take back an item temporary, but the User already made its mandate in the system before the item was taken back and the item will be available again – even weeks later – in the system, the GBC will be handling these items the same way as others. If an item will be won by GBC the User must take it and pay it regarding this T&C. If the User does not want an item like this, then it should be removed from the system by the User. It is always the User's responsibility to follow and mange its bid mandate in the system. Dependently when an bid mandate was placed, if GBC won something the User must take it and pay it, because the bid mandate was placed by the User therefore the responsibility is its. The GBC or its partners do not guaranty the result of an auction on the they when the item end date has been marked! If the User will receive notification about the winning days later, the User still need to accept it and take and pay the vehicle! NO ACCEPTATION! The User acknowledges that several Users may give a bid mandate simultaneously concerning the same item. Consequently, the User can place a higher bid mandate on an item that is already registered in the bid mandate system. Details on items won are available via the GBC's on-line system through the User’s own account. GBC reserves the right to inform the User via e-mail, which is considered equivalent to the on-line system.


2.1.2 Conditions to place a bid mandate.

The User must upload its Online Wallet to be able to place a bid mandate.

Every bid mandate requires a specific deposit amount. To place bid mandate on more then one item, it requires more deposit! The deposit is a kind of insurance for GBC for the full payment. To place a bid mandate on a Vehicle the User must have available balance for deposit in the Online Wallet. It is 10% of the wished bid mandate price but minimum £200/Vehicle. At case if GBC won the vehicle for the User.

The User can choose different payment option during the payment process regarding the article of Because a deposit paid by the user, the User's option are the followings:

- use the paid deposit as a part of the payment. (In other words, 100% of deposit can be use for the payment.)

- leave the deposit in the Online Wallet and pay the full amount of the item. (recommended if the user has attention to purchase more items in the future.)


However GBC recommend the User to upload the Online Wallet with a higher amount. If the User has enough balance for the full payment then it can be done immediately after the purchase! This will help the User to get the item(s) much quicker compare with a normal payment. At case of NON payment.

If the item will not be paid regarding the article of 2.1.5 then the User will lose the deposit!


2.1.3 Services of GBC for “Bid mandate vehicles” GBC considers its main task to be the coordination and facilitation of trade and cooperation between companies in the UK and other European companies. Other key tasks are supporting Users to making deliveries in the UK and organising transport to the EU. Services provided by GBC for a consideration: Provision of information, making bids, payment of items won on bidding, inland delivery or organisation thereof, storage of items, organisation of international transport, executing transport using own technologies. The above tasks do not include: dismantling tyres, cutting car-bodies, dismantling coupler heads or any other parts, elimination of oils or other types of waste, and in case of gas vehicles, dismantling the gas tank and elimination of gases, in case of electric vehicles the battery removing. Additional charges shall be applied to the services mentioned or to similar services. These charges shall be calculated on the basis of the circumstances of the case and shall be individual. GBC will inform the User in time on the situation. The GBC only able to estimate these situations when the vehicle was delivered in a site of GBC. There can be some situation those only come up at the time of the loading. They can be because the size of the vehicle or the special build of the vehicle. (article If that so, then GBC keep the right to act without notify the User, to keep ahead the interest of the User. These acts can be anything that helps the quick loading. Also these works will be invoiced to the User later on. Available extra services

The extra services are NOT available for all vehicles that the User can find in system of GBC. It always depends from the location of the vehicle. An extra option only available if the system shows it for a vehicle. If the User cannot see these option but it wants one, then it is only possible to ask in a written form, in e-mail. These queries from the User will be charged separately and uniquely. All e-mail between GBC and the User are parts of this contract. Cutting and storage as the Extra service.

The User can choose from different extra option such as cutting during the bid mandate on the GBC's website. The available options and the descriptions are always coming up in a pop up window of the website. The conditions of the cutting! The cutting is logical option only if the User intends to buy two vehicle as they must be in pair. This is because the transportation as it is only worth this way. The User is responsible to buy two vehicles for cutting in the given time. After the User won an item then its has 10 days to won another one! If the User will not intend to won other vehicle then GBC applies £10/day storage fee after 10 days from the date of first winning. GBC can follow the user activities in the system and if there is not enough activity, means the User is not sending in enough bid offer so with other words the User does not show interest to won other vehicle, GBC will apply this section on the User! The User could buy a half vehicle from the GBC's own stock – if there is available. (Article 2.2 GBC's Auction & Buy It Now items) If the User did not win anything for a while and the storage fees reach the level of the first won item's value, then GBC has the right to sell the cut vehicle to an other User to reduce the its loss. In this unfortunate case the User will lose the paid vehicle and the paid amount as well. GBC will not pay the item's value back because irresponsible behaving of the User made loss for GBC. GBC will not invoicing other fees or fine to the User but its user account can be suspended or the other restrictions can be applied – depend from GBC! If the User wish to buy vehicle with an extra service then a separate contract must be made between the User, GBC and transport company regarding the information of UK Environmental Agency. This will be provided by GBC and all parties must be signed and stamped. The User can sign it only if he or she the Company owner of director. If the User is not either, then it cannot be signed by him or her. Company owner must be involved. In case a half vehicle, the GBC can apply a separate agreement to the User, that the User must be confirm back to GBC in written form. The User must sign it and e-mailing back. This agreement will be part of the this Online Contract. Hazardous waste.

Regarding the International Waste Transportation Regulations GBC will organise the total de-pollution of the vehicles those are going to be cut! This cut vehicles is going to the User with the official form called ANNEX VII. Reference: Environmental Agency, UK. All parties, transportation company, the User and GBC must sign the ANNEX VII and store it for years. The Environmental Agency of country where the waste is going, can be ask it at anytime!

However NOT ALL EU country is joined to the GREEN LIST CONTROL Act. And therefore the Parts cannot be delivered even they are de-polluted, under the ANNEX VII. Example. Romania.


2.1.4 Fees, Invoicing The Invoice. Invoices shall be issued to the User by GBC and it will include the price of the Item(s) the commission of GBC, the UK Logistic Fees. It also can include the International Logistic (delivery) fee, if GBC offers this option to the country of the User. If the invoice does not include the fee of international transportation because GBC does not offer this option through the Website, only help to organise it, then the User will pay the International Transportation fees to the Transport company directly at the time and place of unloading. The transport company may required cash payment or may required bank transfer from the User. GBC does not have influence of this. Invoices shall be issued automatically to the address indicated upon registration. The User shall acknowledge that GBC is not able to change this. GBC Professional Ltd issues invoices electronically ONLY!

That means a PDF invoice will be created by the system where the User can download it from. A second invoice can be invoiced to the User if other charges would apply, like storage charge. The VAT shall not be charged to clients with a Community VAT Number. Fees GBC has a unique system and thanks for it the User would be informed about the fees of the GBC, about the partner companies's auction fees and about the logistic fees via the on-line system every time before the User makes its bid mandate. The User will see and know the final price of the Auction before the bid mandate placed. – if we suppose that the Action would be finished on the offered price! GBC's fees are the followings.


2.1.5 Payment and Payment Terms. The contract shall enter into force upon registration. Both the User (buyer) and GBC shall comply with the provisions of the contract, i.e. the GBC shall sell the product offered to the User (Buyer) at the price negotiated, and the User (buyer) shall buy the product at that price. GBC does not act as a financial institution, but a trader providing services. Consequently, the GBC shall not bear any costs incurred on behalf of the User. Such costs may include the costs of items won on on-line auction or costs incurred concerning those items, invoiced by UK partner companies. These costs shall be borne by the User. The User shall make the payment to GBC on the working day following the closing of the auction or when the invoice has been generated by the system. All costs incurred concerning the items won – as well as any other data – may be consulted in the on-line system of GBC, and/or the User will be informed thereof via e-mail. It is possible the auction portal does not notify GBC about the fact of winning on the day of when the auction was closed. Of course if it is happened, then the day when GBC was notified will be the auction closing day instead of the original end day.

The price is considered settled when it is booked on the GBC's account, or received by GBC in any other way. The User acknowledges that it is his sole responsibility to ensure payment in a timely manner. If the payment or transfer is not completed within the above deadline, GBC shall bear no costs as to the item won, i.e. he shall not bear any storage costs, default penalties or other fees. In this case, the User acknowledges that any costs incurred in relation with the product won/bought and invoiced to GBC by its partner companies by reason of late payment shall be invoiced to the User. Consequently, if by reason of late payment, there won't be sufficient time to inland delivery, default penalties and storage charges invoiced to GBC by the UK auction houses shall be invoiced to the User. In case of late payment, the User shall pay 25 GBP/day as default fee. Late payment shall mean (but is not limited to): Sums not transferred on the first or second working day following the winning of the item. If GBC does not receive the full payment of the won item – counted from the next day of invoicing – then the User will lose the deposit that was paid for this vehicle! Furthermore, the User acknowledges that in any of the above-mentioned cases, GBC might provisionally ban on the User's rights, terminate the contract with immediate effect, without giving reasons or any form of compensation. The User shall be informed of those measures via e-mail. (The User shall be solely responsible to ensure validity of the e-mail address indicated). Lifting the ban on rights shall only be possible upon settling all obligations. Option for the payment

Payment options are completely same as it mentioned in the article below! Releasing User's suspension.

If the User paid back all of its dept to GBC, then its access of the website and services of GBC can be reactivated. However this is not an automatically process, GBC has the right to decide to let the User back the system or not. Black list.

If the User caused any damage to GBC and this or these damages were not compensated to GBC then the User's data will be listed on a black list. This means the User, the company of the User, the owner of the Company, phone numbers, email addresses cannot be re-registered in the system.


2.1.6 International Delivery GBC shall undertake the organisation of delivery if the User entrust GBC with this. The international delivery option can be chosen during the bid mandate process. However GBC still has the right refuse this query depend from the User's country, the User's location in its country, the type of the bought vehicle, size of the bought vehicle etc. If GBC reject the International Delivery then the User will be notified in email before the actual bidding will be placed. If GBC reject the International Delivery or the User chose that option as he or she does not require the International delivery then the User will be responsible to collect its own vehicle from one of the GBC site in UK, with GBC's strict control! In that case, the User accept that the collection only possible in the time range and date that the GBC gave to the User. Also some GBC sites has control, restrictions for the type of the lorries. If the User do not comply with GBC then the vehicle release can be denied! The collection process of the vehicle are the followings.

In the first step the User must get contact with GBC in email and give a confirmation and ask to place the bid on the item anyway as the collection will be managed by the User. If GBC won the item then the User will receive the confirmation as usually. User must pay immediately regarding the payment rules. After GBC received the money, then the item will be paid to the auction portal. GBC will arrange the collection of the vehicle and deliver it in the closest site of GBC in UK. The delivery in date will be emailed to the User. From this point the User has 10 working days to collect the vehicle from GBC. If the vehicle is still uncollected after 10 working days, then a storage charge will be applied! GBC will invoicing £10.00 / calendar day to the User. The vehicle cannot be released till the storage charge is unpaid! Paid but “NOT Collected” Vehicle.

The User shall collect the paid Vehicle(s) within 20 days upon afterwards the User has been notified by GBC! (article If the User is not able to manage it in 20 days, the Item will be re-listed! Re-listing means, the User lost the Vehicle! In this unfortunate event the price of the Item (including GBC's fees but not include any payment charge like Paypal or transaction fees etc.) will be refunded to the User decreased by 10% of the bought or won price but minimum £200. The refund will be made between the 21st and the 29th day after the day of selling. Loss of the User

The responsibility is always on the User to get contact with GBC in any case joining to this section. If the User is uninformed because did not read this contract or did not get contact with GBC, then all loss those caused by anything is on the User. If GBC accept the User query for the International Delivery through the automatic bid mandate system of GBC, then the User agree the followings:

A, GBC does not be held liable for factors beyond his influence or control like loading damage, transportation damage or loss, accident damage or loss, late delivery, loss or damage caused by weather or vandalism, stolen parts or items and all similar damage or loss that is not listed here.

B, also the User accept the fact if the vehicle or vehicles are not delivered to its site directly, they are going to be delivered a third party site, then the User may be charged with some small fee that must be paid on the site before the vehicle will be released.

C, The transportation company pick up is always the GBC's right and like this the User has no influence to it. GBC also keep the right to exchange a transportation company from one to other without notify the User. IF the User entrust GBC with the delivery and GBC has accepted it regarding the article, then GBC shall handle over the item in 22 working days at most to a third party transporter for delivery from the date when the item is arrived to one of the GBC site in UK. From this point in time, the transport company shall take responsibility for delivery. This provision shall be valid only if the User fully respects the provisions of point of payment. Transportation shall be carried out by curtain side trucks. In case of vehicles with a length of 4.5 m and a height of 1.5 m, at most 6 vehicles can be transported together. Those parameters are not calculated using data measured on the basis of a database, but on the basis of actual space needs. If the User bought a different size of vehicle than it mentioned in the article the followings can be occur.

Late delivery, raised cost, extra jobs. (article The User acknowledge these circumstances and accept the consequences of them. Some type of vehicles those can cause this circumstances: Volkswagen Passat, Ford Mondeo, Mitsubishi L200 (5100mm!) or high roof vehicles or VANs example a Ford Transit Connect. Of course this list is just an example list not the full! The User should know what he or she try to buy. If the User does not know the size of the vehicle then its responsibility to enquiring from GBC. In case of outsized items, the UK national transport fees may vary significantly, which the GBC cannot affect. The GBC can guarantee the national delivery prices for sizes of the following items only: SWB, MWB, LWB VANs with SINGLE wheel only! Wide of the wheel base is not bigger than a Vauxhall Movano or a Renault Master. Shape of the VAN is normal Panel or flat bad one but NOT a BOXED/LUTON VAN or ambulance example. The maximum gross weight is not exceed the 3.5t. The extra LWB VANs cannot be delivered for the price those showed for the price on site. If a size of VAN is out of this description, than the transport cost can be higher than the site shows. In this case the User can be charged with extra fees. GBC does not have the possibility and also does not wish to give exact national delivery prices to all type of vehicle in the system. The User acknowledges the fact, that the special sized vehicles are in a special delivery price range. GBC works together with different UK based transportation companies to arrange and organise the bought vehicles delivery inside the UK. Therefore, most of the time it is impossible to get exact prices before the item is won or bought. The User must indicate the delivery address upon registration – even if the User wishes to collect its vehicles from the GBC's site in UK. In case of any change in this address, the User must inform GBC about it and ask the change in the system. Failing this, if the delivery takes place at the previous address, the User shall reimburse all additional costs incurred to the transport company. The GBC shall not be held liable for damages caused by incomplete and obsolete data. Delivery to the address indicated upon registration may be undertaken by GBC only if the User accepts to pay all the transport costs. GBC shall seek to use the most favourable ways of delivery to the User, but cannot guarantee this. Transport is not carried out on courier services principle. Normally, basic transport fees include transport only with country-level accuracy between the UK and the address indicated by the User upon registration. Consequently, delivery to the full address given shall not be guaranteed. The User shall take note of this and contact GBC in writing before giving a bid mandate or before buying an item to clarify transport information. The User shall acknowledge and, at the time of giving the bid mandate or at the time of the purchase, accept the fact that if he requests the delivery of the items bought to be made to several addresses, this will result in an increase of the transport fee. At any time, this will be conditional on the circumstances of the case.


2.2 GBC's Auction & Buy It Now items.

2.2.1 Purchasing Service of GBC GBC acts as an introductory service to allow Suppliers to offer for sale their Vehicles/Half Vehicles/Parts Bundles to the Users through GBC's Website. The User can buy Vehicles/Half Vehicles/Parts Bundles for buy it now prices and on auction basis. The form of the buying depends on the Suppliers' setting. Please note, services of GBC can be different, available or not available in some country.

GBC keeps the right to offer or not to offer services to a country. GBC's rights.

GBC reserves the unilateral right to foreclose, extend or change the timing of any Auction/Buy It Now item or to cancel or withdraw listings or to terminate entire listings. Winning an Auction. The winning bid in any Auction will be the highest bid which exceeds the reserve price and meets any other express conditions of the relevant Auction. If a bid made by a Bidder is followed by a higher bid by another Bidder that is later removed by GBC for any reason, GBC may decide whether to accept the previous highest unsuccessful bid (subject to meeting the Reserve) as the Winning Bid. With this exception, all unsuccessful bids will lapse after closure of the relevant Auction. The Bidder who places the Winning Bid (a “Winning Bidder”) shall be required under these Terms & Conditions to complete the transaction for purchase of the relevant Vehicle. Reserve price.

The Suppliers have the right to set up a Reserve Price for an action based item. If the highest price does not meet with it then the highest bidder will be notified. If the reserve is not met.

There is still a chance to buy the item with GBC's dealing system. The user can 'send to' or 'receive from' the Supplier an offer. Both parties are able to send offers to each other through the system. The deal will be finished if either the Supplier accepts the offer or rejects it. Other possibility if the dealing price will be same from both side. If the Supplier accepts the offer made by the User, then the item will be sold! If there is no answer for 48h from either side, the deal will be closed and the item will not be sold. See more in the F.A.Q. menu. Conditions to buy or made a bid.

The User must upload its Online Wallet to be able make a purchase or a bid.

Every purchase or bid requires a specific deposit amount. To make bid more then one item, it requires more deposit! The deposit is a kind of insurance for GBC to receive the full payment if the User won or buy an item! Vehicle or Half Vehicle - Auction or Buy It Now

To purchase or make bid on a Vehicle the User must have available balance for deposit in the Online Wallet. It is £200/Vehicle. Parts Bundles - Auction or Buy It Now

To purchase or make bid on a Parts Bundles the User must have available balance for deposit in the Online Wallet. It is £100/Bundle. At case if the User won or purchased the item.

The User can choose different payment option during the payment process regarding the article of Because a deposit paid by the user, the User's option are the followings:

- use the paid deposit as a part of the payment. (In other words, 100% of deposit can be use for the payment.)

- leave the deposit in the Online Wallet and pay the full amount of the item. (recommended if the user has attention to purchase more items in the future.)


However GBC recommend the User to upload the Online Wallet with a higher amount. If the User has enough balance for the full payment then it can be done immediately after the purchase! This will help the User to get the item(s) much quicker compare with a normal payment. At case of NON payment.

If the item will not be paid regarding the article of then the User will lose the deposit! More information in the article! Parts Bundles Buying Conditions.

The Parts Bundles selling and delivering is very unique process and therefore it is hard to provide exact information to all User from any country before the purchase. In this section the User accepts these facts and understand every situation is different. Extra costs can be at anytime – depend from the User location inside the User's country! GBC are able to provide more information in email to the User if it will be asked. These information is part of this T&C. Even if GBC's system shows the international delivery option and price for an item, it does not mean one item can be delivered as a door to door service on the price that the system shows. The Parts Bundles auction and buying is offered for re-sellers first. Therefore it is required from the User to purchase or won enough items at every month and makes the delivery possible to the User address. If the User bought one or just couple of items then these items will be delivered a central address somewhere in the User country. The User is responsible to collect the items in 10 days after the arrival! Also it is possible the User needs pay a small fee/item at the time and place of the collection! Please get contact with GBC if you need more information! Extra fees can be anytime, even the user purchased or won enough bundles and the delivery is possible to its address as it is impossible to give exact price at the first time buyer. GBC are able to assist the User with this information before the User starts bidding or buying! Please get contact with GBC if you need more information! Extra services of GBC

It is exactly same then it mentioned in article 2.1.3 from section


2.2.2 Fees, Invoicing GBC's commissions. Auction and Buy It Now bases fees for vehicles, half-vehicles.

GBC has a unique system and thanks for it the User would be informed about the fees of the GBC via the on-line system every time before making a bid. Before a bid is placed (it means before the User uses the BID NOW button), the User will see and know the final price of the Auction – if we suppose that the Action would be finished on the offered price! GBC's fees are the following - in both cases (Action and Buy It Now) for vehicles and half-vehicles. GBC's fees are the following - in both cases (Action and Buy It Now) for Parts Bundles.

First of all, the parts bundles fees of GBC are very unique. This means, the fee is going to be calculated based on the items' number that the bundle includes exactly! It is same for the international delivery charges “pre-calculation”! (The terms of the “pre-calculation” can be find in the article GBC's other charges. GBC DOES NOT APPLY any late payment charge.

However, the unpaid item policy is very strict! Please be careful! Storage charge – if applicable. It depends from the payment arrival date! More info in section A charge will be applied or the User can lose the deposit if the Won or Bought Item(s) payment is not received by GBC, as per these Terms & Conditions. If the Paid Item is NOT collected in 20 days regarding the article, the charge is 10% of the bought or won price but minimum £200. More info in section The Invoice. Invoices shall be issued to the User by GBC and it will include the price of the Item(s) the commission of GBC, the UK Logistic Fees. It also can include the International Logistic (delivery) fee, if GBC offers this option to the country of the User. International transportation fees for the Parts Bundles are always included! The User shall pay the international transportation fees – at the case of vehicles and half vehicles – to the transportation companies of GBC at the time and where it takes place. The User must follow the transportation company requirements and the fee may needs to be paid in cash or bank transfer. GBC has no influence of this. Invoices shall be issued automatically to the address indicated upon registration. The User shall acknowledge that GBC is not able to change this. GBC Professional Ltd issues invoices electronically ONLY!

That means a PDF invoice will be created by the system where the User can download it from. A second invoice can be invoiced to the User if other charges would apply, like storage charge. Users with a valid EU with number will not be charged with VAT regarding the European Economy Area rules.


2.2.3 Payment and Payment Terms. The maximum time of the payment.

If the full payment is not revived by GBC within 10 days upon the day of selling then the Item will be re-listed! (Auction closing day or sold date is NOT included) If it happened, the User loses its deposit, which will be deducted from you Online Wallet. Consequences of the late payment.

“Late payment” does not exist.

Regarding article, the User payment must arrive in 10 days! Just be clear they are NOT WORKING DAYS! They are calendar days! If the User pays either from its Online Wallet or the payment arrives to GBC in couple of days right after the Auction/Purchasing then GBC would be able to collect the item from the seller on time. No consequences. If the Payment would arrive on time regarding the article but it takes more than 5 days, it is possible GBC will not be able to manage the collection on time from the seller site. GBC is contract with the sellers and regarding this all sold item must be collected in 10 days or storage must be paid! Therefore if the User's payment is not arrived in 5 days it is possible GBC will forward these storage charges to the User as it was mentioned in the article Ways of the Payment. Online Wallet.

GBC recommends to use the Online Wallet for the flexible payment.

Way of the Online Wallet upload: Article & Transferwise

GBC will offer Transferwise payment. To learn more:

Note: This payment method is available for the Online Wallet top up as well. Fast bank transfer!

In this case the money that has been transferred in the morning, will arrive to UK at the afternoon!

Please find the best bank in your country if you wish to pay this way. However we recommend Transferwise as you will not find cheaper option than their service! Normal bank transfer – far away NOT RECOMMENDED!

User can pay to the GBC bank account as well, however this option is not recommended because most of the time it is very slow. If the payment will not arrive on time regarding the article then the User will be fined. Please use Transferwise instead of the normal bank payment!

Note: This payment method is available for the Online Wallet top up as well.


PLEASE NOTE: The User MUST choose between the payment methods during the payment process. During the payment process the User will be notified about the details of the payment. Also this information will be e-mailed to the User!


2.2.4 International Delivery for items bought through GBC's auction or buy it now system.

Items of GBC's can be categorised to three different ways. Vehicles, half vehicles and parts bundles. GBC provides international delivery for the Parts Bundles to some countries only!

It depends from many reason but GBC's system always shows all necessary information to the User before it makes bid or buy something. This contract, especially this point is universal for any country and may not be specified exactly to the User's country. If the translation available for the User's country then the User must read and accept that! If the system does not show the price and the option for the international delivery then the User is responsible to collect its won or bought items from the GBC's sites regarding the articles,, (Please note: words “vehicle” in those article means “Parts Bundles” when you reading and accepting them for article International delivery of vehicles and half vehicles are completely same then it mentioned in the article 2.1.6. (Please note: words “Bid offer or Bid mandate” in that article means “Bidding or buying” when you reading and accepting them for article Other requirements for Parts Bundles & Half-vehicles.

This requirements are completely same than it was mentioned in the articles &


2.2.5 Other deliveries organised by GBC

GBC can organise other vehicle deliveries in UK and internationally for the User if the User entrust GBC with it.

All agreement should made in written form and all these agreements are part of this online contract. All relevant point from this contract is going to be applied for the agreements made outside of this contract.


3. Suffix for all section

3.1 Warranty

3.1.1 For the Vehicles, Half-Vehicles, Parts Bundles.

For the cheapest possible service of GBC and the international transportation, the nature of the Vehicles, Half-Vehicles, Parts Bundles giving Warranty is impossible. GBC sales to re-sellers first and if the User is a re-seller then the User understands it is an acceptable offer. Even if the User is a consumer, GBC cannot give warranty for anything. Not on this price level. Please make your purchase regarding this. If you do not agree with this, then please do not accept this T&C and do not use GBC's website. Thank you!


3.1.2 Mileage

GBC and the Sellers give no warranty as to the accuracy of the mileage of a Vehicle/Half Vehicle/Parts Bundles.


3.1.3 Refund Policy GBC Professional Ltd will pay back the amount of the invoice to the User if the partner company of GBC or GBC cancelled an item that was paid out by the User. The refund will be arranged in 7 working days from the day when GBC was informed by its partner company in the case of cancellation. Only the amount that the invoice of GBC included will be refunded. Bank transfer fees, online payment fees or other fees cannot be refunded. GBC has no responsibility for other cost or expenses for the User. GBC give warranty for the uploaded money in the Online Wallet. The amount has been toped up to there, cannot be missing or lost in any kind of circumstances, since the real money has been paid to the GBC Professional Ltd's bank account at the Barclays Bank, UK. As the Online Wallet only handling “Virtual Money” the User should not worry about. Unused deposit.

Any amount of unused deposit can be refunded if the User is asking so. This query must be written.(email).

The User acknowledges that the refund has cost and GBC has no influence to it. This cost must be paid by the User. Technically GBC will pay back the deposit reduced by the costs. GBC could not show this cost to the User at any place on the site or before it takes place actually.


3.2 Item descriptions.

Whilst GBC tries to offer reliable descriptions, the User acknowledges and agrees that any descriptive information or advertising produced by GBC or the Suppliers and any information, descriptions, illustrations, materials or images contained in any listings or in any Auctions or Buy It Now sale are produced for illustrative purposes only, the sole purpose of which is to give an indication of the Items described in them. The information, descriptions, illustrations, materials or images shall not amount to any representation or statement on which Users should place reliance and do not form part of a contract for the sale of Item.


3.3 Registration Plates

3.3.1 Cherished Plates

Bidders acknowledge and agree that any cherished/personalised registration numbers do not form part of, nor are they included in, any sale of a Vehicle, unless expressed to the contrary.


3.3.2 Normal Registration Plates

In UK the registration plate is only a plastic board. The law does not required the registration plate removing from the vehicles, even after they taken off from the road. The rules are completely different then in the EU. The Users should not worried about if the registration plate stayed on the vehicles.


3.4 Vehicle accessories, documents.

GBC will collecting and handling the documentation of a sold vehicle till the User received it – if the vehicle was listed with it. User understand the fact, he/she bought the used, most of the time a salvage vehicle and GBC does not accept complains for missing spare wheels, stereos and other stuffs that could be removed by the seller or the previous owner of the vehicle! After the product has been handed over, no complaint of the User can be taken into consideration by GBC or the Supplier.


3.5 Events Beyond GBC's Control.

GBC will not be in breach of these Terms & Conditions/Contract or otherwise liable for any delay in performance to the extent that any delay or failure is due to circumstances beyond GBC's reasonable control and including, without limitation, strikes, lock-outs and other industrial disputes, breakdown of systems or network access, flood, fire, explosion or accident. Furthermore, GBC takes no responsibility for problems, damages caused by failure in on-line services or in any other communication tools, or by other technical barriers; damages caused by unauthorised disclosures in the course of on-line data traffic, of facts, data or confidential information or by unauthorised modification of such data.


3.6 Clause

In order to comply with the provisions of this agreement, the Contracting Parties shall cooperate taking into account the principles of exercising rights in good faith and in a proper way. They shall provide necessary information in a timely manner. Invalidity of any provisions of this agreement shall not affect the validity of other provisions, as they continue to apply to the Parties. The registration sheet completed by the User shall form an integral part of this agreement. This agreement and all the issues not covered by it shall be governed by the applicable law of the United Kingdom.


By completing the registration form and ticking the 'I agree' box, the User declares to be bound by the agreement.


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